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Set up my email account in Google Mail

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To set up correctly your e-mail account within the Google Mail Client, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Gmail account and go to "Settings"
  • Then go to "Accounts and Import" section [a]

  • Click on "Add POP3 email account" [b]
  • Enter the email address of the Webmail account you'd like to set up in Google Mail in the "Email address" field [a] and click on "Next Step" [b]
  • Enter the full email address as a username within the "Username" field [a]

  • Enter the password associated with the entered email address in the "Password field" [b]

  • In the "POP Server" field, type: pop.cabanova.com [c] and select port 995 [d] from the "Port" dropdown list

  • Check all the available check-boxes [e] and click on "Next Step" [f]
  • Select the first option "Yes, I want to be able to send mail as ..." [a] and click on "Next Step" [b]
  • Enter your name in the "Name" field [a] and click on "Next Step" [b]
  • Select "Send through cabanova.com SMTP servers" [a]

  • In the "SMTP Server" field, type: smtp.cabanova.com [b] and select port 465 [c] from dropdown list

  • Enter the full email address in the "Username" field [d]

  • Enter the password associated with the email address in the "Password" field [e]

  • Check "Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending" [f] and click on "Add Account" [g]
  • Follow the instructions within the displayed window for validation